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Like many libraries over the last several years we have been developing or purchasing technologies such as a Content Management System, an Open URL Link Resolver, an Ask a Librarian System, and a Blogging System that not only support internal functions and communications but also deliver current information and access to resources to our user's desktops. As we begin to explore developments for our next generation of services we realized that the most effective way to deploy these web based services was to integrate our technology and staff into a cross-departmental cyberinfrastructure and collection of working groups that allows us to make rapid changes and develop new tools in a more efficient manner. The suite of technologies comprising our infrastructure is scheduled to include a consortial metasearch product, a re-design of our Content Management System, and development of online applications and access points that support and enhance the research and learning activities of students and faculty. Our main driving factor is the need to meet our users where they are and to allow them to access, acquire, customize, and even re-mix library resources, content, and services for coursework, wired classrooms, and online courses. We will discuss our planning process, how we identified the components of the infrastructure, and how our newly developed content management system allows us to track many of the elements of our cyberinfrastructure.


Presented at the LITA National Conference 2006 in Nashville, TN, slides 1-12.