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It has long been noted that libraries need more diversity in the professional ranks. This situation is now critical with baby boomers soon to retire leaving millennials, who are more racially and ethnically diverse, as the next majority population. The profession will need to recruit a more significant number of millennials to the profession if libraries are to resemble the communities they serve. To get an idea of the current status of management diversity in libraries, managers/supervisors of ARL libraries-in states that contain the highest number of minorities in population-were randomly selected for a survey. Participants in ARL's LCDP were also selected as a comparative group since they are minorities identified with leadership potential. Both groups were asked about diversity in their libraries as well as what skills are needed to reach a managerial position. This data in combination with a survey of the literature of diversity in libraries and the business sector allow the authors to present recommendations for increasing the number of minorities in the profession as well as integrating diversity in management.


Published in New Challenges for Managing Libraries, ed. Gerard B. McCabe, Libraries Unlimited, (2007). Presented at the ALA 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando, Fl on June 26, 2004.