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Libraries are using Twitter for a variety of communication purposes. Some libraries use it to listen to what their customers are saying about the library. Steven Bell states that Twitter is a “golden opportunity to connect with members of the library community.” (Bell, 2012) Some libraries use Twitter to make connections to people and organizations within their communities to build community online. (Gunton & Davis, 2012) Some libraries use Twitter to promote programs and services, including those of the library, but also those of other organizations. Twitter can be an excellent way to learn what your customers are thinking, to build conversations with your users, to address customer concerns, and to advocate for your programs and services.


This book chapter was originally published in Thomsett-Scott, B.C. (Ed.). (2013). Marketing with Social Media: A LITA Guide. Chicago: American Library Association. Copyright 2013 Carscaddon & Chapman. Published by the American Library Association.

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