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We present findings from an exploratory quantitative content analysis case study of 156 doctoral dissertations from Georgia State University that investigates doctoral student researchers’ methodology practic es (used quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) and data practices (used primary data, secondary data, or both). We discuss the implications of our findings for provision of data support services provided by the Georgia State University Library’s Res earch Data Services (RDS) Team and subject liaison librarians in the areas of instructional services, data software support and licensing advocacy, collection development, marketing/outreach, and professional development/expansion.


Associated article:

Swygart-Hobaugh, M., Anderson, R., George, D., & Glogowski, J. (2022). Diving deep into dissertations: Analyzing graduate students’ methodological and data practices to inform research data services and subject liaison librarian support. College & Research Libraries, 83(6), 887-904.

Data and documentation files for transparency and replication purposes:

1. Diss_Study_CRLarticle_Codebook_and_Output.pdf --- Contains
(1) article citation, abstract, and author contact,
(2) codebook with variables descriptions and frequency distributions,
(3) output for Tables 2, 3, 4, 5 of the article.

2. Diss_Study_CRLarticle_SPSS_Data.sav --- Raw data file – IBM SPSS Statistics format (SPSS 28 version)

3. Diss_Study_CRLarticle_Excel_Data.xlsx --- Raw data file (data as numeric values and as value labels) – Microsoft Excel format

4. Diss_Study_CRLarticle_NVivo_Text_Search_Queries_for_Software.xlsx -- Queries with 3 columns:
(1) Query Name
(2) Query Criteria
(3) Date Ran and Additional Notes

NOTE: NVivo Project File cannot be shared because some of the included dissertations are embargoed against open distribution.


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Diss_Study_CRLarticle_Excel_Data.xlsx (85 kB)
Raw data file – Microsoft Excel format

Diss_Study_CRLarticle_NVivo_Text_Search_Queries_for_Software.xlsx (16 kB)
NVivo Text Search Queries for Software - Excel format

Diss_Study_CRLarticle_SPSS_Data.sav (24 kB)
Raw data file – IBM SPSS Statistics format