Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

First Advisor

Julie Kubala

Second Advisor

Sherah Faulkner

Third Advisor

Amira Jarmakani

Fourth Advisor

Andrew Reisinger

Fifth Advisor

Megan Sinnott

Sixth Advisor

Susan Talburt


Building on Critical Art Ensemble’s initial formulation of the data body, and on Kevin Haggerty and Richard Ericson’s concept of surveillant assemblages, my thesis explores a further articulation of digital subjectivity by examining ‘data body’ as a referent for the various data connections and layers that a neoliberal subject is presumed to gather and generate over the course of a day. The flesh is bound to and by this data, as many examples indicate data’s ability to expand, spread, “go viral” and have a discernible effect on a user’s practical existence. My thesis deals with the ways that disciplinary and security logics are at work in these digital spaces and how they establish a tertiary regime, as outlined by Foucault. By considering the work of Lauren Berlant and Sara Ahmed to support my assertion of bodies as situated and institutionally validated by technology, I discuss the modulation of affects such as fear and threat to establish modes of conduct mediated by the data bodies of their users.