Date of Award

Spring 4-26-2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Women's Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Layli Maparyan

Second Advisor

Dr. Susan Talburt

Third Advisor

Dr. Amira Jarmakani

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Patico


Hooters restaurants are typically staffed by Caucasian women that resemble the company’s idea of an “All American Girl, Surfer Girl, Girl Next Door” image, promoted in employee training materials. However, my experience working for this company has been in a predominantly African American-staffed Hooters, atypical for the corporation. Through a mixed methods approach encompassing content analysis, participant observation, autoethnography, and interviews, this research seeks to understand the ideal Hooters Girl image promoted by the corporation, and the performance of that ideal in an atypical Hooters location.