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Master of Arts (MA)


African-American Studies

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Sarita Davis

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Stephanie Evans

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Jennifer Patico


African American women’s nonadherence to standard food practices are overwhelmingly represented as a risk factor in their disproportionate rates of diet-related health conditions. Much of this misrepresentation stems from the lack of engagement with the cultural food knowledge that exists within this population’s food practices. The purpose of this ethnographic study is to explore black culinary epistemologies in the food practices of urban-dwelling African American women experiencing food apartheid. Photovoice is conducted with five African American women between the age of 18-65 who reside in a United States Department of Agriculture Economic Resource Service (USDA ERS) identified urban food desert of Georgia. Common themes and expressive language chosen by participants are identified and discussed. Thematic analysis is used to analyze the data. Black Feminist Theory framework is used to guide this study.


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