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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Louis A. Ruprecht

Second Advisor

Dr. Nicola Sharratt

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Dr. Faidra Papavasiliou


In view of the Bicentenary of the Greek Revolution in 2021, I explore aspects of similarity and difference between Greece and the USA, by looking at how their Wars of Independence or Revolutions (1776-1781 and 1821-1830), respectively have been remembered and commemorated as well as mythologized as origin stories, in the context of national identity-formation, and as events in the framework of modern World History. Such concentration on national myths and commemorations will enable me to develop closer attention to the civil religion and nationalism in both contexts. I focus, in particular, on the Cosmogony of the two nations (Founders and Foundations), Manifest Destiny and the Megali Idea (Notions of Exceptional Chosenness and Expansionist Mission), as well as on National Days, Centennials and Bicentennials (Calendar and Ritual).


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