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Master of Arts (MA)



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Emanuela Guano

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Louis Ruprecht

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Nicola Sharratt


Transnational routes of exchange include the flow of materials often embedded within a range of social relations and cultural processes. This research examines the representation and circulation of art and artifacts from parts of Africa within Atlanta, a major metropolis in Georgia, United States. Using ethnographic research methods, I investigate cultures of patronage, acquisition, curation, and exhibition of African art within select art organizations in Atlanta, using a small-scale African art gallery as a case study. The study reveals the complex social dynamics and negotiations surrounding engagements with transnational African art across institutional contexts in Atlanta. My findings also show how institutions of art can serve as contact zones facilitating dynamic cultural exchange and communal belonging between diverse patrons connected by their interests in African art. Core outcomes relate to identity performance and the affective, decolonial potential of institutions mediating the transnational flow and circulation of African art.


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