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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Susan M. Walcott - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Charles L. Jaret

Third Advisor

Dr. Truman A. Hartshorn


The edge city is often criticized as being a center of placelessness. It is the devaluation and commodification of place in contemporary approaches to urban design and planning that is stifling the prosperity of place identity and subsequently the ability for edge cites to create 'a sense of place'. It is probable that a broadened understanding of the situational context and the role of human experience in place making can suggest alternatives to current practices that reduce place to location. Capturing the essence of place inspires superior strategies for producing place identity and a grasp on the meaning of how recovering ‘a sense of place’ is fundamental in turning edge cities from consumable space into real and lasting places.

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Anthropology Commons