Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

First Advisor

Timothy Nichols

Second Advisor

S. Dawn Haynie

Third Advisor

Melissa Paige Taylor


This paper puts forward a new approach to the revitalization of vacant and neglected buildings and spaces by introducing the use of temporary pop-up environments. The initial research establishes groundwork for pop-up environments and temporary use, while pointing to their potential. Records from specialists, Florian Haydn, Robert Temel, and Philipp Oswalt, exhibit various types of temporary uses and interim strategies. Strategies are displayed in their selection of sites and operation. These strategic approaches will support transitioning space and present interim projects, which have the prospect of utilizing space as a secondary means, while a more primary use of space is in development.

The case studies will demonstrate the temporary use strategies and social factors, which may establish new meaning to facilitate change. By presenting possibilities of repurposing through temporary and interim uses, there is the opportunity for renewal and averting the dependence on massive (re)development, sustaining a city’s heritage.