Date of Award

Spring 5-13-2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

First Advisor

Matthew Sugarman

Second Advisor

Dr. Teresa Bramlette Reeves

Third Advisor

Joe Peragine


This paper explains at the intersection of Memory theory, Feminist Theory, Existential Psychology, Faith and Contemporary Art, I have found a way to embrace and integrate memories and experiences into my art and be a more fully integrated, emotionally healthy person living fully in the present moment. I articulate my exploration of the broad concept of memory and addressing unresolved negative memories in order to realize healthy change in forming my identity.

Through art and philosophical research I have found substantial corroboration, conceptually supporting my information supporting my Post Minimal art making process. I employ memory evoking materials through the use of repetitive acts and strict self-imposed rules throughout the art making process, communicating ne living in the present moment, embracing yet uninhibited by their past.