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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



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Dr. Wesley Johnston

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Dr. Aaron Baird

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Dr. Mandy Swygart - Hobaugh


Organizations and leaders today face challenges related to strategically retaining critical employees. As such it is important to understand effective leadership styles practiced and their effect on employee turnover. This study explores the relationship between transformational leadership style, job satisfaction, and job turnover intention of equipment operators in the healthcare industry. The moderating effect of gender on this relationship is then examined. With the growing need and demand for diversity across healthcare organizations, understanding the moderating role of gender on these relationships is essential. Knowledge of how gender moderates these relationships can aid in developing and implementing targeted human resource policies and practices that have a positive impact on organizational outcomes in addition to creating a work environment that effectively caters to the needs of all employees. Equipment operators play critical roles in healthcare in that, they require specialized training and have a significant impact on quality of care. Quality of care is a key performance indicator for healthcare organizations. Several studies examine the impact of leadership style on job turnover for roles such as Doctors and Nurses in the healthcare industry. However, no study exists for the role of equipment operators such as Lab and Radiology Technicians. Hence, this research focuses specifically on the role of equipment operators who are key stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


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