Date of Award

Summer 8-5-2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Executive Doctorate in Business (EDB)



First Advisor

Ram Sriram, PhD

Second Advisor

Detmar Straub, PhD, DBA

Third Advisor

Peter Lyons PhD

Fourth Advisor

Matrecia James



The Impact and Implementation of Learning Intervention on Management and Organizational Practice in a Non-Profit Setting


Keisha Liggett - Nichols


Committee Chair: Ram Sriram, PhD

Major Academic Unit: Business Administration

The intent of this research is to explore the concepts of organizational learning as it relates to “double loop” learning. Specifically, this research will test the concepts of double loop theory proposed by Argyris, (1976) in a seminal piece, and the paradigm of Evidence-based management (EBM) in the context of a non-profit organization. The paper will review the transition from a single loop learning organization to a double loop learning organization utilizing EBM as a learning intervention for change. The non-profit organization used in this research is significant as it is a monitoring agency; an intermediary between Public Administration, counties, and private agencies. The paper will demonstrate through a single case study the limitations of single loop learning, and how interventions or processes that lead to organizational learning could facilitate transitioning to a double loop learning organization. The study expects to contribute to the literature by highlighting the value of double loop learning and the use of EBM as a learning intervention mechanism. This study will also underscore how double loop learning and EBM can add value to organizational processes.