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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Peng Wang

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Gangli Wang

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Ning Fang


In this dissertation, two mass spectrometry techniques, covered in Chapter 1, have been employed for qualitatively and quantitatively characterizing protein-derived carbohydrate moieties, including N- and O-glycopeptides as well as free glycans derived from biological specimens. In Chapter 2, an RP-LC-MS/MS system functionalized with multiple fragmentation performances, specifically CID and HCD, is utilized to survey all probable N- and O-glycosites along the backbone of a coagulation factor, human plasma von Willebrand Factor, with full characterization of covalently linked N- and O-glycoforms. N-glycosite occupancy varied along the protein backbone chain. 181-characterized glycoforms are specified into either N- or O-glycosites. Noteworthy, two previously unreported N-glycosites within domain D(TIL-E) are occupied with N-glycoforms. In Chapter 3, MALDI-TOF technique is utilized to explore aberrant N-glycosylation in the frontal cortex (FC) region extracted from Alzheimer Disease (AD) patients’ brains in comparison with age-matched individuals. AD FC N-glycome exhibits a significant decrease in galactosylation and fucosylation as well as sialylation compared to normal FC. Eight N-glycoforms, detected across all cases, are significantly differentiated between the examined cohorts. Also, high mannose, hybrid, complex, and truncated N-glycans are considerably changed in disease tissues. In Chapter 4, altered N-glycosylation of soluble serum glycoproteins derived from colon cancer (CC) patients’ blood sera is characterized by MALDI-TOF. N-glycome of CC glycoproteins shows an increase in aglactosylation, fucosylation, and sialylation, especially sialylated core-fucosylated species. The knowledge of this work (Chapter 5) might improve our perception of disease pathogenesis or enhance the efficacy of current therapy treatments.

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