Date of Award

Fall 12-26-2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Binghe Wang


Bacterial quorum sensing is regarded as a novel target for the design of antimicrobials. Based on lead structures identified from HTS, 39 analogues have been synthesized and evaluated in Vibrio haveyi. Potent inhibitors with IC50 values at single-digit micromolar concentrations for AI-2 mediated quorum sensing have been identified. On the second project, post-synthesis modifications of DNA provide easy functionalizations for expanded applications such as aptamer selection. A CBT-modified thymidine analogue (CBT-TTP) has been synthesized and used for enzymatic incorporation into DNA. Post-synthesis modifications through condensation with 1,2-aminothiol for installation of a boronic acid moiety or a fluorophore have been achieved. On the third project, H2S has been recognized as an important gasotransmitter and its concentration is relevant to a variety of diseases. A novel fluorescent probe (DNS-Az) has been developed for quantitation of H2S in aqueous solutions. This probe has been used to measure H2S concentrations in the blood.