Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Zhen Huang

Second Advisor

Stuart A. Allison

Third Advisor

Kathryn Grant


Nucleic acids are important bio-macromolecules in living systems. They are involved in important functions like gene expression and regulation. Nucleoside triphosphates serve as precursors for biochemical synthesis of modified nucleic acids and nucleotide coenzymes. The modification of nucleic acids, particularly at nucleobases, can expand the function and chemical properties of nucleic acid. Herein, we report the chemical synthesis of a novel thiol-modified nucleoside S-(3-(acetylthio)propyl)-5-(mercaptomethyl)-uridine and the corresponding nucleotide via a “new synthetic methodology” developed in our laboratory. The synthesized triphosphate was used for RNA transcription. The activity and nuclease resistance of the transcribed RNA is studied. The results showed that the properties of the nucleotide with thiol functionality are as good as the native. The modified RNA can be used for RNA/protein complex structure studies and gold nanoparticles stabilizer. They can also serve as a probe in DNA/RNA microchip surface functionalization for detection of various diseases and pathogens.