Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Leah Daigle, PhD

Second Advisor

Mark Reed, PhD

Third Advisor

Josh Hinkle, PhD

Fourth Advisor

Mike Johnson, PhD


Research has identified the prevalence of victimization among college students, but the extent to which LGBQT college students experience victimization and how that may vary by type of victimization is unknown. Additionally, differences among these groups in the utilization of available victim services on college campuses have not been examined. In order to explore these concerns, the current study uses data from The National College Health Assessment by The American College Health Association (ACHA-NCHA), which includes data on students enrolled in universities and colleges from across the United States. Results from this study have policy and practice implications for both LGBQT and other college students and institutions of higher learning.