Date of Award

Summer 6-27-2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Dr. Marian Meyers

Second Advisor

Dr. Tomasz Tabako

Third Advisor

Dr. Patricia G. Davis

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Ted Friedman

Fifth Advisor

Sr. megan Sinnott


Abstract: This ethnographic study compares and contrasts performative masculinities of the overwhelmingly male heavy metal (HM) and hardcore (HC) subcultures. Conclusions derived from this research indicate the following: identities associated with HM and HC conflate masculinity with working-classness, HM and HC identities (and thus masculinities) are merging at present; participation in HM and HC enclaves can serve to symbolically marginalize constituents, and this symbolic marginalization can result in repercussions in the lived world outside of subculture; the hegemonic masculinity of HM and HC subcultures is subsidiary hegemonic masculinity, meaning that it supports the male-dominated structure of mainstream culture without empowering HM and HC males in an extra-subcultural sense; and that despite these negative ramifications, HM and HC participants still find the shared identities and community interaction of these enclaves to be empowering.

Keywords: heavy metal, hardcore, subculture, masculinity, performativity, gender, class, ideology, rock music, identity