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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

David Cheshier - Chair

Second Advisor

George Pullman

Third Advisor

Carol Winkler

Fourth Advisor

Mary Stuckey

Fifth Advisor

James Darsey


This project explores how cosmopolitan personas rhetorically negotiate the space between local and global, discursively tying people to the national as well as to the global or transnational. It examines the possible co-existence of cosmopolitanism and nationalism while identifying how each is articulated in response to the other. As global networks become increasingly complex, rethinking borders and how they are articulated is essential. Can a quintessential cosmopolitan also be a public nationalist? Are cosmopolitan discourses compromised by their presumed lack of attachment to the local? To what extent and with what success are cosmopolitanism and nationalism siultaneously articulated? In order to study these and other questions, I analyze the public personas crafted by cosmopolitan figures Vaclav Havel, Jimmy Carter, and Edward Said. By illuminating how they negotiate that ambiguous space between locale and its absence, a project attentive to the rhetorical possibilities of discursive connection in a world increasingly devoid of shared loyalties and histories enables a fuller understanding of the possibilites of intercultural contact in a globalizing world.


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