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Master of Arts (MA)



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Mary Stuckey - Chair

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David Cheshier

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Greg Lisby


This thesis sought to understand how specific print media and wire news services in Georgia framed the Georgia General Assembly’s response to terrorism after September 11, 2001. The study concluded that the most detailed coverage came from the Morris News Service, a wire service subscribed to by statewide newspapers, followed by the Associated Press state newswire, then The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and The Macon Telegraph. In general, the media in this study chose to cover security bills in terms of "issues," as opposed to the "game frame" or the "leadership frame." While "patriotism" and "security" also emerged as frames, they were more likely to be in quotations from lawmakers or other elites. Surprisingly, only two citizens were quoted in the 39 articles in this study, despite the fact that several controversial bills were among the 21 considered by the Georgia legislature in the 2002 session.


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