Jiling Zhong

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Yi Pan - Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Alex Zelikovsky

Third Advisor

Dr. Anu Bourgeois

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Upkar Varshney


Multistage Interconnection Networks (MIN) are popular in switching and communication applications. It has been used in telecommunication and parallel computing systems for many years. The new challenge facing optical MIN is crosstalk, which is caused by coupling two signals within a switching element. Crosstalk is not too big an issue in the Electrical Domain, but due to the stringent Bit Error Rate (BER) constraint, it is a big major concern in the Optical Domain. In this research dissertation, we will study the blocking probability in the optical network and we will study the deterministic conditions for strictly non-blocking Vertical Stacked Optical Benes Networks (VSOBN) with and without worst-case scenarios. We will establish the upper bound on blocking probability of Vertical Stacked Optical Benes Networks with respect to the number of planes used when the non-blocking requirement is not met. We will then study routing in WDM Benes networks and propose a new routing algorithm so that the number of wavelengths can be reduced. Since routing in WDM optical network is an NP-hard problem, many heuristic algorithms are designed by many researchers to perform this routing. We will also develop a genetic algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm and ant colony technique and apply these AI algorithms to route the connections in WDM Benes network.