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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Ashwin Ashok

Second Advisor

Xiaochun He

Third Advisor

Nadine Kabengi

Fourth Advisor

Anu Bourgeois


Radon is a radioactive element in the periodic table that is generated from the decay of radium below the earth’s surface. After a generation, it travels through the soil and reaches the earth’s surface. Radon poses a radiological health risk. Therefore, the research community pays close attention to radon.

This thesis reviews the complete process of radon propagation from soil to air and studies the effects of different environmental and geological parameters which influence radon flux. A Geant4 simulation program based on C++ has been developed to study radon propagation in soil. The process of simulation setup and the results of this simulation study will provide detailed knowledge of the effect of moisture content and grain size on the radon emanation coefficient. Apart from the simulation, the analysis of data gathered by the experimental setup of Geiger counters deployed at Stone Mountain is provided.


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