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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Mary Hocks

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Ashley Holmes

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Baotong Gu


In this dissertation, I explore the effective communication and rhetorical practices of sommeliers and wine professionals. Using interdisciplinary work and ethnographic study, I analyze the general narrative of the wine community in order to draw conclusions about the rhetorics of wine. Specifically, I argue that professionals in the wine community utilize a unique expertise founded on managing relationships between the wines, the experiences, and the wine community, and that these rhetorics are crucial to the industry's success. To support my argument, I conducted personal interviews with seven wine professionals during the summer of 2022. These primary sources inform my rhetorical analysis of the general narrative of the post- 2020s industry. Through my analysis, I demonstrate that individuals in the wine community are reshaping the industry to be more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable. They are achieving this by balancing tradition, innovation, and community-oriented goals. Overall, my research highlights the importance of understanding the rhetorical situation of wine culture, which is quickly evolving in response to changing societal values and technological advancements. My work contributes to both the fields of wine communication and the humanities and underscores the need for research that establishes intersectional connections between rhetoric, the digital humanities, and the wine industry.


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