Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Josh Russell

Second Advisor

Dr. John Holman

Third Advisor

Dr. Beth Gylys


The Vanished Worlds of Konstantine Baker is novel that mixes elements of speculative, literary, and Southern fiction. The novel’s protagonist, K, learns when he is fifteen that his life exists in a time loop. When he reaches the age of sixty-five, he will be brought back to the summer he is fifteen where the older and younger K meet. This discovery as well as meeting his older self, has a dramatic impact on K as does reading the memoirs of the previous Ks, which reveal a series of different lives experienced. When the older K decides to alter the course of events in K’s timeline, the ripple effects end up traumatic, and lead K to the conviction that he should try to live a life that does not impact or influence what he deems as the normal course of events. When he meets another person like him, a woman named Silvina, this idea comes into conflict with her belief that what they have been given is a gift, one that should be used to make the world better. This conflict between ideals is at the heart of the novel, and both. K and Silvina’s adherence to their own beliefs create problems for both of them. By the novel’s final section, which takes place on the eve of K’s return to the summer he turns fifteen, K must confront the consequences of his decisions and determine whether the life he has lived was the right choice or not.


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