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Master of Arts (MA)



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Jay Rajiva

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Renee Schatteman

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Randy Malamud


Inequality in the postcolonial context, takes a perilous shape involving tremendous trauma where the victim possesses a broken or no voice to present one’s angsts and sufferings to the world. The marginalization and trauma of the lower castes in India are generated from the custom of inequality that eventually gives rise to violence and bloodshed for generations. Philips’ discussion of Nazism and violence against the non-Europeans in The Nature of Blood and its trope of blood correlates with the hostility in The God of Small Things that looks at the epistemological foundation of casteist narratives in order to castigate the underpinnings of the casteist mythology and culture. Through this atypical juxtaposition of two geographically and temporally distant novels, this research invites a multi-dimensional discourse on Indian caste violence connected with mythology and thus, unfolds new avenues for an enhanced and unusual study of The God of Small Things.


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