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This book offers a robust set of detailed case studies of entrepreneurship in the human services, originally developed for research leading to the publication of If Not for Profit, for What? [Young, Dennis R., "If Not for Profit, for What?" (2013). 2013 Faculty Books. Book 1.], a book which established a supply-side theory of the nonprofit sector based on the behavior of those whom we now call social entrepreneurs. The full book contains fourteen cases, divided into four categories: new nonprofit organizations started from scratch, new organizations parented by existing nonprofit organizations, new programs of existing nonprofit organizations, and new state and local government ventures. The selection reproduced here electronically includes one case from each of these categories. (The full book may be obtained from The Haworth Press.) Each case describes in detail, the entrepreneurs involved, the organization of interest, the chronology of events, the social, political and economic contexts in which the ventures took place, the choices faced by the entrepreneurs and key decision makers, the risks and constraints faced by those actors, the outcomes of the venture, and an analysis of why the venture turned out as it did. As such these cases offer rich material for coursework and training in social entrepreneurship and social enterprise as well as material for continuing research in these fields.



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Haworth Press, Inc.


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nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurship, human services, social work administration, child welfare management, case studies


Nonprofit Administration and Management


This book was originally published in 1985 by the Haworth Press. Permission to digitally reproduce the front matter and four case studies contained in the original has been granted by the current copyright holder, Taylor & Francis. Copyright © 1985 from Casebook of Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Entrepreneurship and Organizational Change in the Human Services by Dennis R. Young. Reproduced by permission of Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, a division of Informa plc.

Casebook of Management for Nonprofit Organizations