Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Katherine Hankins

Second Advisor

Richard Milligan

Third Advisor

Daniel Coleman


This thesis explores the relationship between access to places of trans care and flourishing in trans adults in Atlanta, Georgia in 2022. Building on feminist care geographies and trans studies, I engaged trans adults in Atlanta through participant observation and in-depth interviews to understand where and how trans care surfaces in the region. By attending trans-centered events, I observed trans care in a variety of settings. After these events, I interviewed attendees and organizers to explore gendered embodiment and relationships across differing spaces. By combining this in-depth, place-based research with theoretical concerns of ethics, symbolism, and affinities, this project explores the potential of trans care networks to enable flourishing in Atlanta. I contend that a t4t (trans for trans) ethic produces expansive opportunities for trans embodiment and affinities and is practiced through a variety of placemaking endeavors that create impermanent yet long-lasting infrastructures of care.


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