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Master of Science (MS)



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Chetan Tiwari

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Anu Bourgeois

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Flávia D.S. Moraes


In recent decades, floods have been among the most devastating disaster events, resulting in significant losses of lives and properties. When flooding occurs and people could not access a particular hospital, they would need an alternative route which might increase their driving time. For disaster mitigation, it is important to understand how flood events impact accessibility in this respect. This research used GIS network modeling to determine potential disruptions of road connectivity between hospitals to census tracts in Atlanta. The obstructed-network map was used to determine the shortest path between each census tract to major hospitals in Atlanta.

This research aims to generate crucial insights on node disconnectedness and help to improve the accessibility of critical services such as emergency rooms during weather-related disaster events. Such information can be used to plan appropriate mitigation strategies by multiple stakeholders, including emergency management, public health, and hospital systems, among others.


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