Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Hassan A. Babaie - Chair

Second Advisor

Eirik J. Krogstad

Third Advisor

Morteza Khalatbari- Jafari

Fourth Advisor

Timothy E. La Tour


Composition and texture of the Middle and Late Eocene volcanic, volcaniclastic, and volcanic-sedimentary rocks in the Bijgerd-Kuh e Kharchin area, in the Uromieh-Dokhtar zone northwest of Saveh, Iran, suggest the complexity of the magmatic system that involved multiple eruptions from one or more sources. Hydrated volcanic fragments in hyaloclastic rocks, and the presence of a sequence of shallow and intermediate-depth marine microfossils, suggest that the Middle Eocene units were erupted in a marine basin. The bimodal volcanism of the Late Eocene is distinguished by the presence of four alternating sequences of hyaloclastite lava and ignimbrite. The REE patterns show spatial homogeneity and temporal heterogeneity in the composition of all the Late Eocene sequences, suggesting origination of magma from varying sources that erupted at different times. The trace element distributions of the hyaloclastites and ignimbrites are compatible with those evolved through fractional crystallization of the lower and upper continental crust, respectively.