The Impact of Ethical Concerns on Fashion Consumerism: Case-based Evidence

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In continuation of our previous work, “The Impact of Ethical Concerns on Fashion Consumerism: A Review,” we present here empirically based reports to support our argument that ethical concerns in the fashion industry affect consumer behavior. In line with Paper I, the initial paper of this series, we address the concept of ethical marketing, with a focus on the two dimensions of sustainable environmental practices and societally appropriate messaging. The linkages of ethical concerns in fashion with corporate image and financial performance are explored, using a set of 15 real-life cases and anecdotes. We identify challenges in this area, offer guidance to practitioners in the field, and identify venues for further scholarly inquiry. We hope to contribute in this important and growing area of concern by presenting prior controversies and highlighting best practices, thus facilitating the process of learning through others’ failures and successes.

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