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Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health

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Russell B. Toal - Chair

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Dr. Uche Anadu

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Dr. Michael Eriksen


Renny Varghese Impact of an Electronic Medical Record Implementation on Drug Allergy Overrides in a Large Southeastern HMO Setting (Under the direction of Russell Toal, Associate Professor) Electronic medical records (EMRs) have become recognized as an important tool for improving patient safety and quality of care. Decision support tools such as alerting functions for patient medication allergies are a key part of reducing the frequency of serious medication problems. Kaiser Permanente Georgia (KPGA) implemented its EMR system in the primary care departments at Kaiser's twelve facilities in the greater metro Atlanta area over a six month period beginning in June 2005 and ending December 2005. The aim of this study is to analyze the impact of the EMR implementation on the number of drug allergy overrides within this large HMO outpatient setting. Research was conducted by comparing the rate of drug allergy overrides during pre and post EMR implementation. The timeline will be six months pre and post implementation. Observing the impact of the incidence rate of drug allergy alerts after the implementation provided insight into the effectiveness of EMRs in reducing contraindicated drug allergies. Results show that the incidence rate of drug allergy overrides per 1,000 filled prescriptions rose by a statistically significant 5.9% (ñ > 0.0002; 95% CI [-1.531, -0.767]) following the implementation. Although results were unexpected, several factors are discussed as to the reason for the increase. Further research is recommended to explore trends in provider behavior, KPGA specific facilities and departments, and in other KP regions and non-KP healthcare settings. INDEX WORDS: electronic medical records, drug allergy overrides, patient safety, medication errors, decision support tools, outpatient setting, primary care, computerized provider order entry


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