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Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health

First Advisor

Russ Toal - Chair

Second Advisor

Frank Whittington

Third Advisor

Derek Shendell


This retrospective study examined records of 230 low-income elderly and disabled individuals enrolled in the Georgia Community Care Services Program (CCSP) which provides home health services in the client’s home rather than a nursing facility (NF). This study sought to determine if any common characteristics exist in program enrollees who enter a NF within one year of enrollment. Common factors found could be used to identify those who are at the highest risk for entering an NF. This knowledge could lead to reduced costs for the State of Georgia and better service for CCSP enrollees. Findings associated with NF entry include: age, Medicaid status, and monthly income. Further study is recommended to determine which common factors could be developed into a screening tool used to identify individuals at highest risk for NF entry. Specific care plans could then be developed to avoid or delay NF admission for CCSP enrollees.


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Public Health Commons