Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health

First Advisor

Dr. Kymberle L. Sterling

Second Advisor

Dr. Sheryl M. Strasser


The State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System is an interactive web-based application and data tool providing up-to-date state-level information related to tobacco use. Indicators in STATE present data related to current and former tobacco use, smoking cessation, funding, tobacco-related health costs, and tobacco control policies. The STATE System also serves as a primary data source for many objectives in Healthy People 2020’s Tobacco Use chapter. Currently, there is no common thread between access to information pertaining to Healthy People 2020 objectives and STATE System data. For this reason, a comprehensive evaluation was conducted of the STATE System’s individual reports and static web-content as it relates to Healthy People 2020 objectives. Implications for research and evaluation are intended to educate the Office on Smoking and Health’s staff & colleagues in the states, networks, and territories on identifiable, cross-promotional opportunities that highlight both state and national data.