Date of Award

Fall 1-8-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health

First Advisor

Dr Ike Okosun

Second Advisor

Dr Barbara Araba Yankey




Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) are of significant concern to the health care system and a burden to the public health discipline. HAIs are associated with high morbidity and mortality, prolonged hospital stays, and long-term disability, and a massive financial burden for health systems. Limited knowledge and poor practices regarding infection control practices (IPC) among healthcare workers contribute to HAIs. Therefore, healthcare workers should be adequately knowledgeable on IPC and practice safe IPC activities. The study assessed IPC knowledge and practices among the healthcare workers at Lobatse District Health Management Team (LDHMT) healthcare facilities in Botswana.


This study was restricted to Botswana 184 healthcare workers with direct patient care responsibilities at Lobatse healthcare facilities. A WHO and CDC approved questionnaire used to collect data. The questionnaire included questions on infection prevention and control (IPC) knowledge and practices. Data were analyzed with SAS 9.4 software. Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses were conducted to identify factors associated with IPC knowledge and practices.


About 50.6% of the participants practiced safe IPC activities, and 51.3% were adequately knowledgeable in IPC. IPC knowledge level and safer activities were significantly associated with older age, a bachelor's degree level and above level of education, working in a clinic, 25 or more years of work experience, having been trained on IPC, and access to IPC guidelines and training in other health training institutes.


Policymakers at the hospital level should develop educational interventions to improve the participants' IPC knowledge level and practices in Botswana.


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