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The amateur team uniform sales market, long run through small, local shops and sales representatives, is undergoing profound change. The rise of customization and ecommerce may be leading long-time retailers to weigh the benefits of adopting new tactics versus maintaining traditional sales strategies. To gain insight on the team uniform sales market, semi-structured interviews were conducted with six professionals with histories working in the sporting apparel industry. In sum, the participants had more than 40 years of experience. Based on the interviews, several themes emerged that capture the amateur team uniform sales market, including the current market conditions, changes in the market landscape over the past decade, and forecasts for the future of the uniform sales market. The results of the study indicate the amateur team uniform sales industry is rapidly changing, and that the large number of independent dealers and the rise of consolidation is leading to a more crowded and competitive marketplace.


First published in Journal of Amateur Sport. Vol. 5 No. 2


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