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This chapter discusses sport and the environment and looks to the significant challenges. To continue growth in the sustainability space, both academy and industry must endeavor to enhance the general proficiency, technical expertise, and communication skills of its students and practitioners. A few sport organizations have emerged as leaders in implementing pro-environmental strategies, including some who acted as innovators and early adopters long before sustainability had emerged as a pressing issue in sport. For the majority of organizations, however, who implemented eco-friendly initiatives much later, the motives for adopting a pro-environmental perspective may range from altruism to the desire for cost savings, positive public relations, or new sponsorship opportunities. Although it is true that the pioneers of sport sustainability–individuals like Allen Hershkowitz, organizations like the Seattle Mariners, mandates coming from a league office or international governing body would undoubtedly nudge the industry toward a widespread and comprehensive environmental transformation.


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Kellison, T. B., & Casper, J. M. (2017). Environmental legacy of mega sport events. In I. Brittain, J. Bocarro, T. Byers, & K. Swart (Eds.), Legacies and mega events: Fact or fairy tales? (pp. 135–156). Routledge.

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