Date of Award

Summer 8-2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematics and Statistics

First Advisor

Yichuan Zhao


In this dissertation, we investigate jackknife empirical likelihood methods motivated by recent statistics research and other related fields. Computational intensity of empirical likelihood can be significantly reduced by using jackknife empirical likelihood methods without losing computational accuracy and stability. We demonstrate that proposed jackknife empirical likelihood methods are able to handle several challenging and open problems in terms of elegant asymptotic properties and accurate simulation result in finite samples. These interesting problems include ROC curves with missing data, the difference of two ROC curves in two dimensional correlated data, a novel inference for the partial AUC and the difference of two quantiles with one or two samples. In addition, empirical likelihood methodology can be successfully applied to the linear transformation model using adjusted estimation equations. The comprehensive simulation studies on coverage probabilities and average lengths for those topics demonstrate the proposed jackknife empirical likelihood methods have a good performance in finite samples under various settings. Moreover, some related and attractive real problems are studied to support our conclusions. In the end, we provide an extensive discussion about some interesting and feasible ideas based on our jackknife EL procedures for future studies.