A Study of the Calibration Regression Model with Censored Lifetime Medical Cost

Min Lu


Medical cost has received increasing interest recently in Biostatistics and public health. Statistical analysis and inference of life time medical cost have been challenging by the fact that the survival times are censored on some study subjects and their subsequent cost are unknown. Huang (2002) proposed the calibration regression model which is a semiparametric regression tool to study the medical cost associated with covariates. In this thesis, an inference procedure is investigated using empirical likelihood ratio method. The unadjusted and adjusted empirical likelihood confidence regions are constructed for the regression parameters. We compare the proposed empirical likelihood methods with normal approximation based method. Simulation results show that the proposed empirical likelihood ratio method outperforms the normal approximation based method in terms of coverage probability. In particular, the adjusted empirical likelihood is the best one which overcomes the under coverage problem.