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Utilizing narrative inquiry, this study documents the experiences of one middle level mathematics teacher (Andrew) as he works to design mathematics lessons focused on student empowerment and power-sharing. We share snapshots of Andrew’s three-year story—a story focused on engagement, push-back, collaboration, and Andrew’s decision leave his school after three years. Implications for teacher education and support programs are shared.


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Cross, S. B., & Cannon, S. O. (2015). “You don’t ask Paul Simon to do a duet with Nickelback”: Examining mathematics teacher collaboration. In T. G. Bartell, K. N. Bieda, R. T. Putnam, K. Bradfield, & H. Dominguez (Eds.), Proceedings of the 37th annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (pp. 1102–1105). East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.