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“New Perspectives on Mathematics Pedagogy” represents a serious attempt to understand pedagogy within mathematics classrooms. To that end, this symposium will address the key questions and issues surrounding mathematics pedagogy presently confronting vast numbers of researchers, as well as educators, and policy makers. Organised around presentations, responses, discussion and debate, the symposium is intended not only to enhance understanding but also to stimulate fresh thinking and initiate ongoing critical dialogue about the practice of mathematics pedagogy within teaching and learning settings.


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Walshaw, M., Nolan, K., Brown, T., Cotton, T., Davis, B., de Freitas, E., Renert, M., Stinson, D. W., & Walls, F. (2010). New perspectives on mathematics pedagogy. In U. Gellert, E. Jablonka, & C. Morgan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (MES6, Vol. 1, pp. 100–103). Berlin, Germany: Freie Universität. Retrieved from

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