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Τhe present symposium is an attempt to rethink gender in mathematics education research beyond the box, and specifically the box of binaries. We consider the importance in contemporary neoliberal times of doing research in mathematics education with and through the perspective of gender and, equally, we advocate ways in which gender could be key towards discerning relations amongst mathematics, science and life. To that end the symposium will address specific questions and issues surrounding gender presently confronting researchers, as well as educators, and policy makers. Organized around presentations in dialogue with reactions, discussion and debate, the symposium is intended not only to enhance understanding but also to stimulate fresh thinking and to initiate ongoing critique about research on and with gender in reconfiguring the subject in mathematics education, reimagining classroom learning, or, reconsidering mathematics education research.


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Walshaw, M., Chronaki, A., Leyva, L., Stinson, D. W., Nolan, K., & Mendick, H. (2017). Beyond the box: Rethinking gender in mathematics education research – Proposal for a symposium. In A. Chronaki (Ed.), Proceedings of the 9th International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (MES9, Vol. 1, 184–188). Volos, Greece: MES9. Retrieved from

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