Date of Award


Degree Type

Closed Dissertation

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Patricia C. Clark, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN - Chair

Second Advisor

Candace L. Kemp, PhD

Third Advisor

Margaret Moloney, PhD, RN


Caregivers (CG) often neglect their own self-care which may have deleterious effects if CG have a chronic illness, such as diabetes. Care demands have been linked to CG health, although the mechanisms are unclear. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships of CG stress, depressive symptoms, and diabetes self-care practices on CG physical health (PH) and glycemic control (GC) in an underrepresented group of Hispanic CG with diabetes. A correlational design was used in a non-random sample of 42 Hispanic CG with diabetes (Type I or II) recruited from two health centers serving the uninsured. CG had diabetes for ≥ 6 months, were on average 48.0 (± 11.4) years old, 73.8% female, and 54.8 % with < 8th grade education. Care recipients were on average 53.9 (± 14.0) years old, 54.8 % male, and were functionally independent. Standard questionnaires for perceived caregiving stress (Caregiver Burden Scale), depressive symptoms (CES-D), diabetes self-care practices (Diabetes Care Profile), PH (PCS of the SF12v2) and CG characteristics were administered in person. GC was measured using the glycosylated hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c). Statistical analysis included correlations, t-tests, and multiple linear regression. On average CG had poor GC (HgbAlc M = 9.0, ± 2.12), but rated their PH better than others with diabetes. CG with high stress had more depressive symptoms (M = 23.75 ± 12.75) than CG with lower stress (M = 15.75 ± 12.01; t (40) = 2.00, p = .026). Almost half (40.5%) had depressive symptoms indicating possible clinical depression. The hypothesized models of caregiver stress, depressive symptoms, and self-care practices were not associated with CG PH (p > .05) or GC (p >.05); however, more persons in the household was associated with poor GC. This study provided support for the influence of CG stress on psychological health in the experience of Hispanic CG with diabetes. The findings of high levels of depressive symptoms and poor GC suggest the need for health care professionals to assess the psychological health of Hispanic CG and better educate them about the importance of GC for prevention of serious health problems.