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DISCOVERY: Georgia State Honors College Undergraduate Research Journal

ISSN 2328-7039

DISCOVERY is an undergraduate research journal featuring publications from students enrolled in the Honors College at Georgia State University.

Sanford Bederman Research Award (Georgia State University Library)

The Sanford Bederman Research Award offered by the Georgia State University Library recognizes GSU graduate students who demonstrate skill and creativity in the application of library and geographic information resources for research papers or projects in geography, geology, sociology, anthropology, public health, historic preservation, policy studies and other fields utilizing geographic information. Geographic information resources include, but are not limited to, GIS data, census data, maps and other spatially focused or location-specific resources. The Award seeks to single out graduate students who are using geographic information in innovative ways to better understand our world and our relationship to it.

Undergraduate Research Awards (Georgia State University Library)

The University Library Undergraduate Research Awards recognize Georgia State University undergraduates who demonstrate skill and creativity in the application of library information resources for research papers/projects completed in fulfillment of a course requirement.

Successful papers/projects are evaluated on the following criteria: extensive and creative use of library services, resources and collections in any format; responsible use of information by providing appropriate and accurate citations and credits; evidence of significant personal knowledge in the methods of research and inquiry; and, quality of the reflective essay.