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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Allison Piñeros Glasscock

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Dr. Sebastian Rand


In Book IV of the Republic Adeimantus raises a concern to Socrates that the guardians seem quite unhappy. If true, this charge threatens one of the central aims of the Republic: to show it is better for you to be just rather than unjust. Socrates offers a response, but ow to interpret this response is a matter of some debate. I argue that we ought to interpret his response as implying that Kallipolis’ citizens will be happy, but that they will be happy as citizens whose private interests are mediated by the public interest of the city. This account, which I call the hylomorphic reading of the city, helps incorporate features of the most plausible positions in the literature and helps Socrates respond to Adeimantus’ concern. The guardians—along with the other citizens—will be happy, and they will be happy because of the role they play in the city.


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