Date of Award

Fall 12-12-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Sidong Lei

Second Advisor

Mukesh Dhamala

Third Advisor

Vadym M Apalkov


This thesis mainly focuses on the direct transfer techniques of CVD graphene. Two new methods to transfer graphene with no severe contamination have been reported. The effect of surface tension has been investigated experimentally. Based on several experiments to study the effect of surface tension on graphene transfer, we designed a method in which there is no need to reduce the surface tension of water. This conventional method was employed to achieve a whole device transfer in only one step. In addition, we proved that surface tension can be an essential factor in creating a graphene/water membrane that is functioned to transfer graphene to any type of substrate. This composite membrane turns out to be the most effective way to widen graphene applications. We found that liquid media with surface tension lower than that in water cannot be functioned to achieve this type of transfer. Briefly, graphene/ water membranes at high surface tension can be peeled from water with PET film assistance. Using this method, we transfer graphene to rigid and stretchable substrates, which guarantees this method is a promising technique for widening graphene usage in biomedical and environmental applications. Although the two processes, conventional and graphene/ water membrane, are utilized to transfer graphene to several materials with no severe contamination, the graphene/water composition method effectively processes the flattest graphene.


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