Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Steven T. Manson


The photoionization cross sections of small fullerenes (C28, C32, C40, C44, and C50), and the outer and near-outer shells of atoms (noble gases, alkaline earth) confined endohedrally inside a C60 molecule are calculated employing a time-dependent local density approximation formulation. Plasmon and confinement resonances are found to be a general feature of these cross sections, and dramatic interchannel coupling effects, significantly increasing the atomic cross sections, are exhibited in all cases in the vicinity of the C60 plasmons. Hybridization effects, the mixing of the atomic and cage bound state wave functions, are also found, but no systematics of the hybridization present themselves. Also, in the case of Ar@C60, Inter-atomic Columbic decay (ICD) has been found and studied.