Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Public Management and Policy

First Advisor

William L. Waugh - Committee Chair

Second Advisor

Christopher M. Weible - Committee Member

Third Advisor

Douglas S. Noonan - Committee Member

Fourth Advisor

Robert B. Olshansky - Committee Member

Fifth Advisor

Ronald G. Cummings - Committee Member


Disaster researchers have established the determinants of preparedness and mitigation at the household level of analysis. However, at the organizational level, there is limited research and no theory to guide research on the determinants of preparedness and mitigation. The main goal of this study is to answer the question "what are the determinants of mitigation and preparedness at the organizational level?" The data come from a survey of 227 organizations in Memphis, Tennessee. This study uses Tobit regression technique to identify the determinants. This study finds that organizational size and concern over disaster impact are strong positive determinants of mitigation and preparedness in organizations. In addition, there is a significant and non-linear relationship between organizational obstacle and mitigation and preparedness activities. The study concludes with policy implications and recommendations for future studies.