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Past research has indicated that a significant relationship exists between young children’s early home literacy environment and their reading-related skills. However, this relationship has rarely been investigated among older children with reading disabilities (RD). In the present study, the relationship between parent and child home literacy activities and children’s academic functioning was investigated with a sample of 65 elementary-age children with RD. The results indicated that children’s home literacy activities were not significantly related to any of their academic abilities, whereas parents’ home literacy activities were significantly related to children’s passage comprehension and spelling scores. However, relationships between home literacy environment and reading may be different for children with and without RD.


Rashid, F.L., Morris, R.D. & Sevick R.A. (2005). Relationship Between Home Literacy Environment and Reading Achievement in Children with Reading Disabilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 38(1), 2-11.

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