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Clinical applications of pulmonary rehabilitation are patientfocused and consist of individualized therapies such as aerosol drug therapy, airway clearance, chest physical therapy, exercise, and patient education. Devices that are used in aerosol drug delivery are divided into the following 3 categories: (1) small volume nebulizers, (2) metered-dose inhalers, and (3) dry powder inhalers. Although these devices are commonly used for the treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases, there are a limited number of objective studies on the physiologic and clinical effects of aerosol drug therapy on pulmonary rehabilitation. The purpose of this review paper is to explain all the devices used for aerosol drug delivery and how to use each device in the concept of pulmonary rehabilitation.


Originally published in: Ari, Arzu. “Use of Aerosol Drug Therapy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation.” Toraks Cerrahisi Bülteni 6 (2015): 69–76.